Jon Cully

Chalong & Cherngtalay, Phuket |

With a couple of properties I have to keep maintained on the island Gary Brett & Phuket Plumbing have been a godsend. Originally I called him in to track down and isolate a blocked drainage pipe which was causing some rather nasty backflow into the living areas of the house, this he did and fixed in a very short space of time with the minimum of disruption and a very reasonable cost. From there I don’t hesitate to call him in for toilet repairs, leaks in the ceiling, malfunctioning water pumps (all part of daily life on Phuket!). He always busts a gut to get to us if it is a plumbing emergency, very often out of hours and that is worth its weight in gold, limiting damage and not forcing the lady of the house to shower under a bucket. As well as plumbing I now know that I can call on him to undertake building works, unsupervised and within budget, he has broken through walls and added doorways for me, repaired ceilings and rerouted electrics – some of this whilst I have been out of the country and I have no qualms in giving him the keys to the house to complete the work in my abscence. Above all else there is no language barrier, either between me an him nor between him and his Thai staff which goes such a long way to getting a job done correctly in Phuket. I learned a long time ago not to recommend workers to friends on this island, in Gary’s case I make an exception. Give him a shout and let him do his thing!