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    I own an ageing condominium unit in Patong. I started having a number of major plumbing issues and I needed to find a competent plumber urgently.
    I searched online and found Gary Brett (Phuket Plumbing) and have never looked back.
    I have used him ever since.
    He is approachable and friendly, sticks to his quotes, consults all the way through the process and gets the job completed on time.
    I am an overseas based owner so have had to rely on Gary to complete the work in my absence. He has proven to be honest and totally trustworthy.
    I have no hesitation in recommending Gary for all your plumbing needs.

    Peter G Benson - Patong, Phuket

    With a couple of properties I have to keep maintained on the island Gary Brett & Phuket Plumbing have been a godsend. Originally I called him in to track down and isolate a blocked drainage pipe which was causing some rather nasty backflow into the living areas of the house, this he did and fixed in a very short space of time with the minimum of disruption and a very reasonable cost. From there I don’t hesitate to call him in for toilet repairs, leaks in the ceiling, malfunctioning water pumps (all part of daily life on Phuket!). He always busts a gut to get to us if it is a plumbing emergency, very often out of hours and that is worth its weight in gold, limiting damage and not forcing the lady of the house to shower under a bucket. As well as plumbing I now know that I can call on him to undertake building works, unsupervised and within budget, he has broken through walls and added doorways for me, repaired ceilings and rerouted electrics – some of this whilst I have been out of the country and I have no qualms in giving him the keys to the house to complete the work in my abscence. Above all else there is no language barrier, either between me an him nor between him and his Thai staff which goes such a long way to getting a job done correctly in Phuket. I learned a long time ago not to recommend workers to friends on this island, in Gary’s case I make an exception. Give him a shout and let him do his thing!

    Jon Cully - Chalong & Cherngtalay, Phuket

    As well as using Phuket Plumbing’s service in my own home I also manage apartments and villas across the island. I use Gary, especially in case of emergency, as I know I can send him to any of our properties and deal with any leaks or broken appliances swiftly and at a good price. Also knowing that I can send someone in to a holiday home which is occupied with paying guests who will be courteous and respectful of their privacy is priceless. He always keeps me fully updated during a job and doesn’t spring any nasty surprises when it comes to billing which keeps the property owners happy. He leaves the apartments clean and dust free and works well alongside my staff. What more could you ask?

    Debbie Allen – Cyan Siam - Chalong, Phuket

    The job’s you do are really good, you’re reliable, hard working and quick services. Not bad to look at either!

    Ann Briggs - Phuket City, Phuket

    We have used the plumbing services of Gary as well as recommending him to friends and neighbours and all we’re happy with his work.

    Graeme Lahman - Phuket City, Phuket

    Great and rapid service at very reasonable prices… “fortunately” I have used Gary plenty of times for both commercial use “hotel” and private residence. I will highly recommend anytime…

    Lars Peter Jacobsen - Patong, Phuket

    For those that don’t know Gary he is the best Plumber on the island, hands on all the time not like other farangs/westerners who just drop off a bunch of thais to do the work and generally make mistakes that need to be fixed a second time..

    Gary redid all the new plumbing system in our 8 villa development changing the whole water-system i.e. mains electric box, 2 new pumps, filter system and cleaning out the large water storage tank…

    He has also solely looked after our villa A8 , we had an emergency a few months back whereby a pipe had rusted out below the kitchen sink and water was leaking, Gary dropped everything to be at our villa immediately to repair..

    During Sonkran about 3 years ago our central Well-Pump broke down and Gary even came out on the sunday to check what was needed to fix the pump the next day, so he could order parts and get the system supplying water again…

    Highly recommend Gary to anyone,  i have given his details to all my friends for future
    works ….

    Wayne & Sonya Klapko - Surin, Phuket

    If you are looking for reliability, professionalism, knowledge and value for money then I cannot recommend Gary and his crew enough! Having lived in Thailand for 25 years I cannot sing Gary’s praise enough, European Standards and a very reasonable price with knowledge and quality hard to find in Thailand!

    “Reliable” plumbers, builders and electricians are hard enough to find in Europe, in Thailand it’s even harder! Gary is everyone you could want rolled into one: European standards, knowledgeable, reliable, helpful, honest friendly and value for money. I have used Gary with the renovation of our Dive Centre and more recently a new property we bought and I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Gary and his team, I have been referring him to anyone who asks about plumbing Services on Phuket for years now and will be doing so for years to come I hope!

    Chris Owen – Indepth Dive Centre - Chalong, Phuket

    I had a leak somewhere around my house. Gary came in, told me what he would need to do to find it and then fix it. It was a very open ended job that could have gotten out of hand, but Gary kept me well informed and everything was reasonable.

    Gary was able to do the work immediately and at the right price. The leak was found and dealt with so my water bills are back to normal. 100% recommend him to anyone unfortunate enough to be needing emergency plumbing work. He’s the guy you need to call.

    August 2017

    Blair McKellar - Phuket