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We don't just carry out plumbing works we also offer a whole range of contstructuon services from simple repairs and renovations to complete builds we can help. If you have building work you want carried out but don't know where to start we can help. From simple designs to million dollar homes from simple walls to Home additions our qualified team are able to carry out work to a high standard and all in a language you can understand.

Phuket Home Services - Need a Qualified Phuket Electrician?

Here at Phuket Plumbing our team also provides Building and Construction Services as well as electrical work and testing

From project management services to simple repairs we cover all home services required in Phuket. On hand from initial excavations and foundation works, roof construction to laying the final tiles in your brand new home.

Other areas which can be fraught with problems are renovations and extensions, in initial builds plans are often not adhered to, pipes and cables can pop up in the most unexpected of places - our experience means we are ready and prepared for all eventualities with solutions to hand.

Renovations • Homembuilds  • Condo builds  • Swimming pool construction  • Brickwork  • Plastering • Plumbing  • Electrics  • Roofing

Our Phuket Home Services team is available and only a phone call away. 


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