Wayne & Sonya Klapko

Surin, Phuket | Property Developers |

For those that don’t know Gary he is the best Plumber on the island, hands on all the time not like other farangs/westerners who just drop off a bunch of thais to do the work and generally make mistakes that need to be fixed a second time..

Gary redid all the new plumbing system in our 8 villa development changing the whole water-system i.e. mains electric box, 2 new pumps, filter system and cleaning out the large water storage tank…

He has also solely looked after our villa A8 , we had an emergency a few months back whereby a pipe had rusted out below the kitchen sink and water was leaking, Gary dropped everything to be at our villa immediately to repair..

During Sonkran about 3 years ago our central Well-Pump broke down and Gary even came out on the sunday to check what was needed to fix the pump the next day, so he could order parts and get the system supplying water again…

Highly recommend Gary to anyone,  i have given his details to all my friends for future
works ….